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Why Relationship Coaching?


Not every marriage is happy and not all marriage results in divorce. The real reason can be multiple factors like lack of respect for each other, domestic violence, lack of appreciation, lack of respect and the list goes on.

Adding to the situation is the work. There are couple who meet only on weekends and the expectations are very high on either side. Lack of elderly guidance, nuclear family too much of financial commitment adds up to the problems. 


A relationship coach listens to the couple and understand their problems and guides them to resolve their conflicts amicably, apart from helping couples improve the communication, alter their perceptions about each other and so on.


Develop a relationship with empathy, respect for each other and help them balance their relationship to lead a Happy Married Life.


The coach sits with the couple’s and first identifies the problems the couple are experiencing at times with the husband and wife together or with one person to begin with and later on talk to the other partner and explore possibilities for taking the relationship forward. 


Conflicts can happen in a relationship with the couple having no idea about the root cause of the problem. Many times couples don’t know what is the root cause of the problems they’re experiencing and a coach can help identify root causes and create a contentive, corrective and preventive action plan. 


Prakash Subramanian is a certified Relationship Coach, certified MBTI and Thomas PPA assessor.   The couple are asked to take the psychometric test. The results of the psychometric tests are shared with the couple and their behaviour patterns are discussed gap’s in their relationship are identified and bridged through coaching. 


What are the common reasons for problems in relationship?

There are plenty of reasons for problems in relationship 

  • Lack of trust 

  • Lie

  • Ego

  • Communication 

  • Cheating 

  • 3rd party influence 

  • Possessiveness 

  • Attitude 


What are the problems or concerns you face in your relationship? Do write to me-