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Impacts in Relationships!

Lies, Lack of Trust, Betrayal and its impact in Relationships

Vani is the only daughter of her parents. She is highly educated and comes from an affluent family. She lost her father at a tender age and was brought up by single parent. Her mother had sacrificed everything for her only daughter. With lots of difficulty she had given quality education and her daughter graduated from a leading college. During college she had picked up some habits and those habits were magnified when she joined a MNC as she believed she is earning and can do whatever she wants to. This went on for a couple of years.

As she was of marriable age, her mother decided to get her married so that she can proceed with her life and started looking for a suitable boy and succeeded in getting a boy Vani’s mother visualised. Vani reluctantly agreed to the marriage and had not told her Husband about her Habits and proceeded with her marriage. Vani’s MIL was trying to tell her son about Vani’s habits and he kept ignoring her as he had complete trust and faith in her and did not suspect her in anyway. Vani was in fact smart enough to throw her MIL and FIL out of the house and had succeeded in it. Vani thought she had achieved her objective and went ahead with her Habits, as there’s no one in the house to question her. Everything was going well for at home.

One day her husband came home very early and caught her redhanded with her earlier habit. It was then she had confessed to her husband about her Habits and told him this is going on in her life for a very long time and even her mother is unaware of her habits. Her husband felt Vani had betrayed his trust and could not come to terms. He had stood by her and had asked his parents to leave the house as that was the level of trust he had on her and felt she had betrayed his trust. It was then she had revealed her other past habits which was even more shocking for her husband. He felt he had been given a raw deal and Vani had betrayed his trust and had lied to him. He was not able to come to terms and adding to it is the guilt of sending his parents out of the house.

In a situation like this what should Vani do? What her husband must do? Her husband wants separation? Is he right in asking for separation on the grounds that Vani’s habits is against his family culture? Who has to go for Counselling? Vani or her Husband or Both What will be the action plan for Vani and Husband according to you? Have you come across anyone like Vani in your life? Do write to us at or share your views in the comment box.

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