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Secrets to Happy Married Life!

Appreciation, Empathy and Acknowledging Life Partner’s Contributions are the Secrets to Happy Married Life

Everyone wants their work, talents, preparation to be Appreciated and everyone craves for that Appreciation from our loved ones.

Today I will be sharing an interesting story about a Couple. They are married for sometime and whenever the wife does something, say a New Dish or an Art or anything New the wife prepares, her husband has never appreciated her. He is an expert criticising and never he had acknowledged contributions of his wife. He is very good to point fingers on what she has not done. This is an everyday affair in their home. Over a period wife thinks she has nothing positive to offer and starts to lose Confidence on herself. She tries her best to explain her position to her husband but every time she tries to do so is met with stiff Resistance.

As you are aware Environment Influences Behaviour He thinks that she understands and he need not express his love to her. This Assumption is more than sufficient to destroy a relationship. His wife on the other side was craving for attention and has started losing confidence. She thinks her environment is becoming negative and does not want her children to get exposed to the Negativity.

For example, Wife has prepared food and the salt is more than the normal levels. Everyone does mistakes, many times unintentionally. But if the mistake is blown out of proportion, and the husband starts abusing wife, apart from the abuses, her morale takes a beating. The abuses at times is directed towards the wife’s family and all irrelevant things are spoken by the husband.

What is your objective? Do you want to bring a realisation in your wife or you wanted to point at her mistake?

Let me share with you how I used to tell my wife subtly when the salt is more in the food. I used to tell her I think of her always! That one word is more than sufficient for her to do the necessary actions from her end. No wife will ever want her Husband to enjoy a tasteless food. Any wife who prepares food will definitely have the intention that their Husband and children must enjoy and eat food nicely. On the other hand if the husband says it ok to make mistakes and everyone does mistakes. Don’t worry I am with you and gives the wife a pat on the back or a hug and reassures her and asks what happened, why are you tensed and anxious. Hope all is well with you? Wife will definitely say the reasons, if the wife is working, which most women now a days do, it could have been due to work tensions or some other problem.

A Husband or wife must be a Pain Reliever when one of the partner is going through a crisis, instead if the other partner starts criticising and turns out to be abusive that is when a woman or the partner feels ignored and her interests are not taken care leading to discontent in relationships

Just imagine day in and out if you keep focussing on unwanted negative situations, you will over a period of time will come to believe that everything is negative and your brain will also believe that it is true and you start attracting the same

Let me ask you a question. How many times you have gone to your wife or other partner and acknowledged her contributions How many times you have told very nicely about her to your friends and relatives and vice versa.

If the Conversation moves towards complimenting and contributing instead of complaining and fault finding? When you move the conversation from complaining to complimenting, fault finding to contributing, I can assure you that you will be leading a Happy Married Life.

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