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Breakup is better than Divorce

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Anitha is a good looking young girl in her mid 20s working with a leading Hotel chain as a Administrator. Her father is no more and has been raised by single parent. She had a elder and a younger siblings. With lots of struggle she completed her graduation and had migrated to Bangalore in search of a better future and got employed with a leading hotel chain. She had lots of trust and faith in the divine and everyday she meditates a lot and believe that it’s giving her lots of inner strength.

As days go through her family insists that she get married. She had seen her parents struggle throughout their life and the suffering her mother had gone through in her upbringing and her siblings. As she stays alone it’s adding to her mother’s anxiety and like every mom, Anita mother is no different in giving the best for her daughter. She starts to look for a alliance for her daughter and inform Anitha.

Anitha is not comfortable with the proposal and asks for time from her mom. Weeks and months pass by without any developments on the marriage proposal and the uncertainty adds up to her mother tensions.

One day Anitha meets Selva and the two fall in love instantly. The couple enjoy each other’s company and Selva who was staying separately till then decide to live together. From lovers to live in relationship their relationship that’s the development in their life. The couple decide to get married and inform their parents about their decisions and the family reluctantly agrees to their proposal.

According to their family live in relationship is something they’ve not heard as they belong to the earlier generations and find live in relationship difficult to understand. Both the boy’s and the girl’s side grew up in a environment where the boy had to visit the girl’s family and traditionally see the girl. Elders in the family decide the alliance and if the girl says yes or no or remains quiet all are perceived as yes by the elders.

Anitha was the supporting and adaptive partner in the relationship. She got a job for Selva in a competitor hotel. Both Anitha and Selva remain firm in their decisions and things were going great with their families reluctantly agreeing to their proposal. Soon their relationship became intimate and Anitha didn’t had a problem with it as she was committed to the relationship and was under the assumption that she is going to get married to Selva. Selva on the other hand enjoyed the company of Anitha and things were going fine between them.

Selva’s true colours slowly started getting exposed and he was not the same person Anitha saw in the initial stages of their relationship. Selva became abusive and became physical. From love in the initial stages to complete hatred and Selva and Anitha aren’t seeing each other. One day Selva hit Anitha so badly that she started bleeding and had to be hospitalised. Anitha till then did not inform her mother thinking that Selva was frustrated with some thing and things will be normal going forward but only became worse with each passing day. After getting discharged from the hospital Anitha took courage and informed her mother about what happened and told her that she’s going to call it quits in the relationship as it’s not working. Her mother agreed with her views and said “Breakup is better than Divorce”.

With assurances from her mother she asked Selva to leave the house and take all the belongings. Anitha thought Selva will leave without any problems but Selva had brought nearly 20 friends and started threatening Anitha and wanted to paint a picture as though Anitha was not a girl of character and questioned her modesty. Anitha had to call some of her friends in the apartment and take their help to counter the aggressiveness of Selva and friends. In a typical filmy style Anitha took Selva to police station. Selva on the other hand started threatening Anitha family that he will upload intimate pictures of them and started sharing some of the pictures in WhatsApp to Anitha mother. Anitha's family got worried about the development and finally police had to intervene and warned Selva of dire consequences if he does anything to expose Anitha or project her in poor light.

I’m wondering who’s at fault Anitha or Selva without being Judgmental. We take decisions in life sometimes it works and sometimes it will doesn’t. Is Anitha right in settling the issue through police station and not through family members What Anitha could’ve done to avoid the embarrassment and being intimate? Have you come across any one like Anitha or Selva in your life?

Is live in relationship right for the boy and girl and Indian culture?

Do you agree that breakup is better than Divorce?

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