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My Story

It was in the year October 2001, I became a proud father and was on the top of the world but my happiness didn’t last long. My wife was diagnosed with  a rare problem and on my first wedding day she was in the ICU with Ventilator support and I had a 30 odd days baby on hand not knowing what to do and what life had in store for me, and all my dreams was completely shattered.


After a few weeks of stay in hospital my wife got discharged from the hospital with the doctor, relatives saying she is a useless vegetable. Having a small infant on hand and my wife as another child I had to regroup my life and rework on my goals. Some of our relatives were acting in full swing to separate us but we stood by each other.


I took a break from business and stood by my wife and child. I had taken plenty of loans to make ends meet. After two years I exhausted all my savings and decided to end my life but after seeing my daughter face I decided against it. I took to spirituality to get inner strength and strike a balance in life. The way I regrouped, motivated my wife to regroup drew praise from my near and dear.


I am a certified MBTI and Thomas Assessment Specialist. I Train and Coach people. I noticed that people are facing relationship issues and they were not able to work on their differences. Since 2010 I am helping couples who have relationship issues and help them lead a happy married life and I converted to my mission. 


I’ve coached and mentored many individual and couples to lead a Happy Married Life. During the COVID-19 lockdown I used the time period to author a book “Happy Married Life” and the book has received widespread appreciation from across the globe. 


So if you are facing problems in your relationship or want to improve your relationship book a coaching session. 


"You either take control of your love life or it takes control of you. It’s that simple."

My Mission

To Help 10000 Couples To Lead a Happy Married Life

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